Companies grow when people grow

We focus on personal development for professionals so that your people can create and seize the right opportunities for themselves and the business.

We believe that every person has untapped levels of potential and a deep-seated desire to improve their quality of life through their work.

They just need the tools to know how.

World-class coaching curriculum

Our programmes guide individuals through one-to-one coaching and teams through workshops, to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in their careers. Your people will learn to develop the requisite mindset, skillset, relationships, and habits, that will grow their careers and the business.

Our programmes have a clear and effective curriculum based on key success habits that engage and empower people mentally, emotionally, and physically:

  1. Gaining clarity of self awareness professional direction
  2. Raising energy, reducing fatigue, and managing emotions
  3. Motivating and inspiring self and others to take action
  4. Increasing productivity, prioritising effectively, reducing distractions
  5. Optimising influence and persuasive ability internally and with clients
  6. Building courage and confidence, minimising fear, and communicating authentically

Why coaching?

Our coaching is more global, effective, and science-based than other programs. Ongoing research to academically test and measure efficacy at scale is one of our great differentiators. We move you, your team, and your business forward - more quickly. 

Coaching is present and future oriented, helping carry you from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaching demonstrates how to create the change that you want, regardless of perceived limitations.

There’s a big difference between accountability coaching, executive coaching, reading a book, and taking online courses vs. having somebody lift you up, step-by-step, with the perspective and the skills to objectively question you, challenge the status quo, and create a tangible progress plan to move you and your team forward and upward. Our coaching follows a clear curriculum, yet is flexible enough to be delivered through bespoke group workshops and one-to-one coaching.

Certified High Performance Coaching has a 9.6/10 client satisfaction rating, independently measured over 40,000 sessions.

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Stuart, Director

"Since meeting Tanya, she has shown me ways I can go above and beyond in every area of my life by utilising tools and techniques I never knew existed. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm is infectious with her words resonating with me to create legitimate breakthroughs, giving me both a peace in my life and a new drive and ambition for the future. I cannot thank Tanya enough for her support and all that she has helped me with to achieve on my ongoing journey."

Neil, Head of Sales

“How do I get better work and life outcomes when you only know what you know? Well Tanya has certainly helped me look introspectively at my own thoughts and processes, to build improved strategies and better healthier habits with tangible results. More so, Tanya while working with my team, using her same approach, has created an environment and culture of ‘can-do’, with her enthusiasm and infectious approach that has bred positivity throughout. I can honestly say that we have loved working with Tanya, we’ve seen real improvements in multiple areas, and as a result performance and moral have improved.”

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