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Six-Week Challenge

Unlock your next level.

This challenge is for people who know they have a next level available to them, and they just need to guidance, tools, and focus to get there, faster.

Unlock your potential... Utilise the Six-Week Challenge to focus on a particular area in your personal or professional life that you know needs attention, development, or focus, in order to unlock your potential.

Overcome a set-back... This Six-Week Challenge is also powerfully utilised for overcoming a set-back, break-up, overwhelming difficulty, or when contemplating a life-changing decision.

What you'll get:

  • 6 personalised one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Session recordings and members area
  • BONUS Strategy Session to help you plan your next steps


Regardless of your chosen area of focus, you will also see progress in the following areas:

  1. Clarity: clarify your vision, priorities, goals, and direction
  2. Energy: reduce fatigue, learn techniques to recharge (goodbye afternoon slumps), and to move past negative emotions more quickly
  3. Increase productivity and quality output, while reducing distraction and gaining some time back for yourself
  4. Optimise influence and persuasive abilities with clients, colleagues, or your close circle
  5. Build courage and true feelings of confidence, so you can minimise fear and walk, talk, and lead more authentically

Why coaching?

This isn't therapy. Coaching is present and future oriented, helping you get tangible outcomes both personally and professionally. Coaching demonstrates how to create the change that you want, regardless of perceived limitations.

Choose your focus area!

We use proven, science-backed practices in personal and professional development to get you change and progress in your desired area of focus, significantly faster than doing it alone.

From uplifting and refreshing your mindset and success habits overall, to reinvigorating personal relationships, building career relationships, better controlling your emotions, making life-changing decisions, overcoming a break-up or redundancy, and showing your world the best of who you truly are... You will gain the insights and tools that give you an immediate edge.