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I'm Tanya Semerad

Throughout my career as a lawyer and in business, I learned that at the end of the day, people desperately wanted meaning, progress, freedom, and joy in their lives. I also learned that I deeply enjoyed helping others grow into their full potential by getting clear on their vision and mission, and then make tweaks to actually change their conversations, choices, and lives.

I believe that the only constant is change, expected and unexpected - and if we're not the innovators and change-makers - we have to be ready, willing, and able to adapt in order to truly experience the meaning, progress, freedom, and joy that we deeply want. I certified as a High Performance Coach to help move people beyond their comfort zones and carry-through with the change and transformation they desire, but whom are busy and thrive with up-to-date insight, camaraderie, and accountability from someone who has dedicated their own life to growth, personal freedom, and self-actualisation.

"You can read all those books and listen to podcasts to plan and energise your thoughts, but when it comes to seeing it through, you need to be accountable. Tanya makes it simple to build your routine in a way that gets you more productive outcomes. Even Warren Buffet needed a coach. It's the best investment."

Pratik Rawal,
Managing Partner

I can't recommend Tanya enough, her approach is professional yet personable and her sessions consistently offer great clarity and focus. I have already seen positive results and outcomes after only working with Tanya for a couple of weeks and I will continue to engage Tanya for many years to come due to the value her sessions offer. Look no further if you want to secure professional development for yourself or your team.”

Alistair Paine,
Business Development Manager

"It's very easy to start coasting and caught up in the day-to-day stuff. The coaching has helped me get very focused and make a few changes and tweaks. Really, it's only a small 1% or 2%, which then changed the whole direction. The coaching gave me the time to be able to step back, reflect, re-strategise, and bring more joy and meaning to my work. "

Sarah Glastonbury, 
Head of Marketing

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Gain mental clarity, increase energy, manage emotions, become more courageous, develop laser-like focus, and elevate your influence with Certified High Performance Life Coaching. Rated 9.7/10.


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Everything you need to increase your impact and master your leadership skills with Certified High Performance Leadership Coaching.


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This 6-week intensive bootcamp will give you everything you need to finally make the one big change you've been dreaming about. COMING SOON.


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All the best of High Performance Life and Leadership Coaching shared with your team! Give them the guidance and tools to elevate their performance and bring more meaning, impact, and joy to their careers.


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