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I'm Tanya Semerad

When I was a lawyer, I barely had time for myself. I was overworked and overwhelmed, and despite warning signs, I "powered through" (and still worked on weekends). I developed an autoimmune disease. My hair was falling out, skin cracking and bleeding, and I looked and felt like the walking dead for about 18 months. It took the Global Financial Crisis and interesting office politics to have me discharged from my lawyerly duties (a.k.a. redundant). I started my life again, studying and founding a marketing agency for lawyers, then working my way up international businesses to head of department and managing bigger teams.

I didn't have a network or financial support, so constantly I'd ask myself, "Who do I need to become?", and acquired the knowledge and skill to get me there. Yes, there were some very late nights, early mornings, frustrating experience, and it took a while to create the changes - because yet again - I was doing it all by myself. I didn't know that professionals had access to high performance coaching that gave them a competitive advantage (and their life back!). So, I certified as a High Performance Coach in the US, and over the last 7 years have been the secret weapon for accelerating progress, impact, and positive change for executives, leaders, and their teams across various industries in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and US.

So, who do you need to become?

Steve Patterson

General Manager

Tanya built a programme with my teams around high performance. She worked through in a structured way, working with each individual to highlight best practice and also enlighten us on what we do well to focus there and look at where/how we can make slight adjustments to maximise potential. Highly recommend Tanya to any business.

October 2021

Gregg Mearing

Chief Technology Officer

We had the pleasure of working with Tanya as a Management group and then also on a 1:1 basis. This allowed us collectively focus on our team performance and then also use Tanya's experience and knowledge to help us focus and prioritise on a personal and individual level to also contribute to those team goals. Tanya is fun to work with and very encouraging, very valuable training and insights gained - highly recommended.

August 2022

Lorenzo Jooris

Chief Executive Officer

I've had the immense pleasure of working with Tanya and going through her High Performance 12-week coaching course. It truly helped me in my professional and personal life. She has such a friendly and professional approach that makes you enjoy the whole journey. I would highly recommend Tanya Lesley's coaching courses to all leaders looking to go one step forward both with themselves and developing their careers.

August 2020

Pratik Rawal

Managing Partner

You can read all those books and listen to podcasts to plan and energise your thoughts, but when it comes to implementation and seeing it through, you need to be accountable. Remember - it’s always on you! Tanya makes it simple to build your routine in a way that gets you more productive outcomes. Even Warren Buffet needed a coach. It’s the best investment.

July 2020

Hassna Hraima

Senior Operations Manager

Tanya had created an experience like no other. She is immensely knowledgeable, bringing variety to every session. It makes a big difference that she has a vested interest in your progress and challenges you in every session, which keeps you motivated. Getting a coach is a life-changing experience that helped me to grow personally and professionally. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

July 2020

Stuart Hall


Since meeting Tanya, she has shown me ways I can go above and beyond in every area of my life by utilising tools and techniques I never knew existed. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious with her words resonating with me to create legitimate breakthroughs, giving me both a peace in my life and a new drive and ambition for the future. I cannot thank Tanya enough for her support and all that she has helped me with to achieve on my ongoing journey.

July 2021

Win as one team.

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Neil Jelley

Head of Sales

How do I get better work and life outcomes when you only know what you know? Well Tanya has certainly helped me look introspectively at my own thoughts and processes, to build improved strategies and better healthier habits with tangible results. More so, Tanya while working with my team, using her same approach, has created an environment and culture of ‘can-do’, with her enthusiasm and infectious approach that has bred positivity throughout. I can honestly say that we have loved working with Tanya, we’ve seen real improvements in multiple areas, and as a result performance and moral have improved.

July 2021

Alistair Paine

Business Development Manager

Before working with Tanya, I spent zero time on self-development and working on how to achieve my goals, mainly because I was "too busy" with the stresses of everyday working life. Working with Tanya has been a complete eye-opener, she made me realise I was never "too busy". She has completely changed my mindset on focusing and achieving my goals and making me realise that the best investment you will ever make, is in yourself. I can't recommend Tanya enough, her approach is professional yet personable and her sessions consistently offer great clarity and focus. I have already seen positive results and outcomes after only working with Tanya for a couple of weeks and I will continue to engage Tanya for many years to come due to the value her sessions offer. Look no further if you want to secure professional development for yourself or your team.

July 2020

John Lester

Group Sales Director

Very insightful and thought-provoking journey. Tanya was great throughout and brought a lot out of our team, got them thinking in a different way and asking questions of themselves. It’s always good to take a step back sometimes and look at new techniques… lessons learned that will hopefully stay with the team for years to come.

July 2021

Welmoet Lugt

Group Marketing Director

Coaching by Tanya really offered me a new perspective. Before we started I was skeptical about the added value of coaching in general. Experiencing the sessions with Tanya completely changed my view. I cannot recommend her enough, she brought me insights that truly helped me progress and improve in my work and private live. Her energy, wit and sincere interest work contagiously and will help you perform at an higher level.

August 2022

Brian Cotaoco

Client Advisor

Inspiration in Every Session. Tanya is a very inspiring coach and each session brings you closer to where you want to be. She makes you know that you can reach your full potential and be the best version of yourself. She cares for her clients and makes sure that this is felt every time. Best coach ever!

June 2020

Hala Hanna

Client Advisor

One of the best experiences I had! I had an amazing experience with Tanya, over a period of several weeks, we've discussed many aspects of life that are usually forgotten, or neglected over time. She helped me realize the key factors of being mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to brace through day to day issues and build a plan for long term growth and success. She's also helped me learn how to be more connected to myself in order to connect to my surroundings and the people I interact with better. Highly recommended!

August 2020

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