Struggling To Get Everyone Aligned?

Learn the strategies high-performing leaders use to get their teams shifting to a more open mindset, settling on one vision, and working together as one.

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Leadership ability is not dependent on personality

In fact, leadership is a skill that anyone can develop and master. Learn the high-performance leadership framework and cultivate a business and culture that win as one!


You Can Create the Change & Transformation You Want

Learn the world-class framework to amplify your leadership skills and use it to:

  • Set the vision for yourself and the business, and keep key stakeholders aligned.
  • Enlist the right people and skills to bring the vision to life.
  • Embody the beliefs and values needed to progress and be a role model for the culture you desire.
  • Set up the conditions for learning, growth, and contribution.
  • Establish the best evaluation and feedback loops.
  • Keep others motivated, engaged, and effective.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In this Certified High Performance Leadership programme, you’ll amplify your leadership skills to get the change and progress that you desire.


In The Next 3 Months, You Could...

  • Get your team aligned and winning together as one unit
  • Inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and take more brave, deliberate action
  • Finally prioritise yourself and your own development, truly mastering your leadership and influence skills

The right leadership insight, tools, and frameworks make all the difference. We'll cover it all in High Performance Leadership Coaching.


High Performance Leadership Coaching

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You Are Ready To Increase Your Momentum and Impact?

This 12-session programme will give you everything you need to empower yourself and master your leadership skills. All sessions are personal 1-2-1 calls scheduled for 1 hour every week for 12 weeks. In these sessions, you'll learn how to:

  • Set your vision for the business and get key players aligned, while maintaining your positive energy
  • Acquire the right people and skill sets for the mission and keep them engaged and high-performing
  • Prepare the business for change and transformation, as well as starting up, buying, selling, and going public

With a bigger perspective on leadership and some smart leadership practices to implement immediately, you can make the mindset and productivity shifts required to grow the business, and help others do the same.

What's Included In The Leadership Programme...


Reflections & Aspirations

Leadership begins with self-reflection before vision. The world's highest-performing leaders are aware of their leadership influences, adopt a role model mindset, and aspire to positively lead others. In this session, we will contemplate what you define as a "leader" in your life in the first place, and:

  • Determine the kind of leader you want to be
  • Identify opportunities to lead better and the roles you aspire to
  • Learn from the people who have influenced your philosophies about leadership and how you will turn these insights into action

You’ll finish this session with a clear understanding of the people who have influenced you, opportunities to step up more, your leadership style, and your vision for leadership.


Defining Leadership

We will dive deeper into the kind of leader you want to be and how you will be intentional about behaving this way. You’ll also:

  • Get clear on the ideal follower or collaborator the business needs, and how to motivate them
  • Learn how to establish the kind of authority you want
  • Learn the difference between leaders and managers

By the end of this session, you'll understand the relationship between leaders and followers, and how you can work together to create important changes in a mutually beneficial way.


Leading Others

In this session, we will work through your philosophy of how great leaders actually work with others. The world's highest-performing leaders are consistely honouring their leadership philisophy, being how they should work with and motivate others. You'll also learn:

  • How leaders can motivate, empower, manage others
  • How to deal with conflict
  • How to keep others motivated

You'll finish this session with clear ways to develop those who have a lot of potential, but might not be meeting expectations.


Leadership Self-Assessment

In this session we will introduce the framework for leadership: envision, enlist, embody, empower, evaluate, and encourage. You will:

  • Understand where you score in the leadership framework
  • Immediately identify strong skills and what is working for you
  • Immediately identify opportunities for improvement and what you can do to begin to increase performance in those areas

You will finish this session with a new perspective on your strengths and weaknesses, and understand where to focus your efforts during the programme.



In this session, you will clarify your vision for your life, career, or business for the next chapter. You'll also:

  • Distill the status quo and its shortcomings
  • Clarify the ideal future you want and the important changes required
  • Establish the reason for the vision and how to create unity
  • Create a plan for realising the vision

You'll finish this session with a clear vision, understand how to get everyone aligned, and your next-steps to action.



We all have to recruit people to help shape and achieve our vision. The world's highest-performing leaders enlist others to support them, build culture, and achieve goals faster. You’ll also:

  • Clarify what you need to achieve your vision, the results you want, and when by
  • Get clear on the types of people and skills you'll need to enlist
  • How to pitch asking people to join you and any objections they might have
  • How to keep people engaged when it gets difficult or boring

By the end of this session, you'll know the ins and outs what, who, and by when in order to accelerate.



One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is leading yourself and others to embody the beliefs and values needed to progress and create the culture you desire. In this session, you will acquire the self-awareness to identify the type of leader you are trying to become, especially in the heat of the moment. We will work through:

  • The mindset that you and others must adopt in order to achieve your vision
  • The values that you and your team want to role model as leaders
  • The habits and skills that must be developed
  • Situations that could compromise your or others' integrity and how to avoid that

You'll finish this session knowing how to create the culture that you desire, and how to achieve it.



To empower others means to set the conditions necessary for independence and success. In this session, you'll:

  • Clarify how you want to empower your team
  • Identify how to set the conditions for your own success
  • Understand how your teams can support each other

You’ll finish this session with clear ways to set the conditions for yourself and others to learn, grow, and contribute. It's in these plans that the highly coveted vulnerability and trust is established between team members.



In this session, you will evaluate your and your teams' leadership progress so far. You'll also:

  • Evaluate you teams' performance and their ethics
  • Identify areas for growth and key decision that need to be made
  • Indetify feedback that needs to be given

By the end of this session, you'll see whether you're still on track to achieving the vision, whether there are any skills gaps or growth areas, and how to better empower and encourage others in the business.



It takes an active and disciplined approach to addressing problems, keeping things in perspective, publicly rewarding positive behaviours, and setting the tone for gratitude and recognition. You will:

  • Learn how to translate problems that are facing your team into a bigger-picture perspective
  • Plan how to publicly reward positive behaviour
  • Anticipate difficulty and learn to get people excited about taking them head on

You'll finish this session knowing how the highest-performing leaders encourage others in active and symbolic ways so that their people stay motivated and effective.



The world's highest-performing leaders love to review their progress and develop mastery, so we will do that together in this session. We will review:

  • Your vision and how it is being brought to fruition 
  • The people and skills you've enlisted
  • How well you and your team have embodied your values and the culture created
  • How well you and your team are empowered and working as one
  • Opportunities to increase encouragement and engagement

You'll finish this session knowing areas for improvement. It will have been at least 11 weeks since Session 1 together, so a lot will have happened!



It's time to scale your impact in the world! In this session, you'll learn to scale your vision and leadership team to make a greater difference. This step takes great intention, time, and resources, yet is a major goal of high-performing leaders. You'll also:

  • Think about how to increase your impact with clients and customers
  • Identify where you can delegate more to increase your own impact
  • Brainstorm on the scalable areas of reach, impact, resources, challenge, development, and joy

By the end of this session, you will have generated new ideas for increasing your personal, team, and business impact, setting your next sprint up for success.

This Leadership Programme Is For You If...

  • You are passionate about your mission
  • The business you're in needs to evolve quickly
  • You need to align your teams' vision and efforts
  • You don't prioritise yourself
  • You want to build your own brand and leave a meaningful legacy

I'm Tanya Semerad

When I was a lawyer, I barely had time for myself. I was overworked and overwhelmed, and despite warning signs, I "powered through" (and still worked on weekends). I developed an autoimmune disease. My hair was falling out, skin cracking and bleeding, and I looked and felt like the walking dead for about 18 months. It took the Global Financial Crisis and interesting office politics to have me discharged from my lawyerly duties (a.k.a. redundant). I started my life again, studying and founding a marketing agency for lawyers, then working my way up international businesses to head of department and managing bigger teams.

I didn't have a network or financial support, so constantly I'd ask myself, "Who do I need to become?", and acquired the knowledge and skill to get me there. Yes, there were some very late nights, early mornings, frustrating experience, and it took a while to create the changes - because yet again - I was doing it all by myself. I didn't know that professionals had access to high performance coaching that gave them a competitive advantage (and their life back!). So, I certified as a High Performance Coach in the US, and over the last 7 years have been the secret weapon for accelerating progress, impact, and positive change for executives, leaders, and their teams across various industries in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and US.

So, who do you need to become?

"I would highly recommend Tanya's coaching to all leaders looking to step forward both with themselves and developing their careers".

Lorenzo Jooris, CEO

"You can read all those books and listen to podcasts to plan and energise your thoughts, but when it comes to seeing it through, you need to be accountable. Tanya makes it simple to build your routine in a way that gets you more productive outcomes. Even Warren Buffet needed a coach. It's the best investment."

Pratik Rawal, 
Managing Partner

"Since meeting Tanya, she has shown me ways I can go above and beyond in every area of my life by utilising tools and techniques I never knew existed. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm is infectious with her words resonating with me to create legitimate breakthroughs, giving me both a peace in my life and a new drive and ambition for the future. I cannot thank Tanya enough for her support and all that she has helped me with to achieve on my ongoing journey."

Stuart Hall, Director

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