#1: What High-Performance Really Is and How to Get It

Season #1

What you know about high-performance is only enough to get you half-way there. Learn the full meaning (and feeling!) of high-performance, so you can work and live more intentionally and make faster progress towards your goals. You'll also learn all the essential ingredients for becoming a high-performer, and why gaining clarity is the first step required. You'll finally understand where clarity comes from and get more of it during the episode!

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[01:10] High performance isn't just top financial performance - don't make this common mistake of average or "yo-yo" performers.
[04:08] The full definition of high-performance and what high-performance actually feels like, according to the world's highest performers (Fortune50 executives, Olympic athletes, nation leaders, and people of positive influence) as recently studied around the world and coached by Tanya and the High Performance Institute.
[16:30] Essential habits for becoming a high-performer.
[18:20] Where clarity doesn't come from and where clarity does come from.
[20:20] Why you can't rely on milestones or achievements to gain clarity.
[22:00] Even if you've gained some clarity recently, you need more clarity just to maintain your lifestyle.
[22:31] Why a life without clarity makes you insecure and what happens when you don't gain clarity.
[24:05] What happens when you have clarity.
[24:49] How Tanya used clarity to get over redundancy, transform her career, focus on the right relationships, re-gain her health after over-working and developing an autoimmune disease.
[26:05] What clarity really is and how to collect more clarity of it.
[27:41] What happens when you gain clarity and make the unknowns, known.
[29:16] Your high-performance challenge!

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