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Coaching Programmes

Six-Week Challenge

Unlock your next level. This challenge is for people who know they have a next level available to them, and they just need to guidance, tools, and focus to unlock their personal or professional potential, faster. Or utilise this Challenge to overcome a set-back, break-up, overwhelming difficulty, or when contemplating a life-changing decision.

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Strategy Session

Book a one-to-one Strategy Session to identify how to reduce your stressors and clarify the steps to unlock your potential in your career, relationships, and life. You will gain insights to apply immediately both personal and professionally. This is also a chance to see whether Certified High Performance Coaching and high-performance lifestyle is your cup of tea!

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Certified High Performance Coaching

An unparalleled transformation experience for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Heighten clarity and direction, ignite your confidence, increase energy and positive emotions, improve productivity and get time back, and increase influence with others. This programme is made for the highly-ambitious who are ready to accelerate their potential in business and relationships, and are ready to have an experienced Certified High Performance coach by their side.

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Corporate Coaching & Workshops

A revitalising experience for individuals and teams looking to re-focus, increase performance, and outgrow plateaus. Corporate coaching programmes use a combination of group or team workshops together with 1-2-1 coaching. Business and team leaders utilise corporate coaching and workshops to support their people as they strive for high performance while bringing their teams closer together.

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The Clarity Toolkit

You will discover your true passions and priorities, your unique purpose and meaning, and how to influence others with the best version of you - the foundations to creating a game plan for a life of success and satisfaction! It's time to make your game plan! Bonus coaching included - limited time only.

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Join the 3-Day Challenge!

Wake up excited again! Get the tools to quickly develop self-confidence, understand the foundations for career success, and practise communication examples for improving relationships. Three-part, snack sized video series with challenges!

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