The Tools You Need To Create Certainty, Take Control, and Transform Your Life

This is your chance to consciously create the life you've always wanted, by planning based on your passions, unique purpose, and best-self in relationships.

No more hoping for situations to change or improve. No more one-sided relationships.

In this course, you will discover your own passions and priorities, your unique purpose, and how to influence others with the best version of you - the essential ingredients for making clear how to elevate and enrich your life, on your terms!

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In this online course you will learn

  • How to articulate your unique purpose
  • What your true passions and priorities are, so that you can set goals in alignment
  • Understand how to be your best self in relationships
  • Be your authentic, confident self so you can consistently be yourself and influence people with the best of who you are
  • Create life experiences that are more meaningful and energising!

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Yes, Tanya... I'm ready to take control and progress my life to the next level!

You aren't alone in thinking that change feels uncomfortable. A lot of that discomfort is because the change wasn't planned for, and/or the change isn't in alignment with who you truly are or what you want.

So if there's one thing you take away from reading this today, it's that a plan makes your wants in life to become more attainable, by giving you clarity and direction, setting the scope, ticking them off your to-do list, and keeping you focused long enough to enjoy the exciting results!

This course will teach you how to discover your unique passions (what), purpose (why), and best-self in relationships (how), so that you wake up with mental clarity, vibrancy, and excitement for what you're doing with your life!

These are the essential ingredients that will show you how to live each day, what goes into your calendar, and make clear how you want to relate to other people. This knowledge is empowering, and generates massive amounts of confidence that felt before you even walk through the door.

No matter where you're at right now - get ready to go to the next level of success, joy, and satisfaction in your life! I promise I won't tell you what to do. Don't listen to anyone who does. However, I do promise to guide you through, step-by-step, how uncover what gets you excited in life, what you truly want to focus on right now, what your unique purpose is, and how to practise being your best self in your relationships.

I'm so passionate about coaching on this topic so much, that I've gone out of my one-on-one coaching comfort zone and created this online course so that people can have this available anywhere, anytime. It took me 8 months! I stayed steady and strong, because this way of expressing myself professionally is actually my purpose, my calling, and what sets my heart on fire!

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Hassna, Senior Operations Manager

"Tanya had created an experience like no other. Getting a coach is a life-changing experience that helped me to grow personally and professionally. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

Pratik, Managing Partner

"Tanya makes it simple to build your routine in a way that gets you productive outcomes. Even Warren Buffett needed a coach. It's the best investment."

Lorenzo, Group CEO

"I would highly recommend Tanya Lesley's coaching courses to all leaders looking to go one step forward both with themselves and developing their careers."

Key benefits from The Clarity Toolkit

Take back control, set your vision, and determine your pace for progression!

Experience less uncertainty and delay, less fear, more self-confidence, and upgraded relationships.

  • More easily make life-changing decisions and by articulating your unique life purpose. This guiding statement will become your reference point for keeping your life on track, and on your terms.
  • Acknowledge your deepest desires, passions, and the experiences you want in life, prioritise them, and then include them in your planning for success.
  • Significantly improve your relationships (personal and professional) by understanding how to be your best self. You will distill exactly how you want to impact others, making interactions with strangers and loved ones more confident and satisfying. Another plus, is that when you start to role-model your best self, you begin to indirectly challenge those around you to level up, too! They start to bring their best to the relationship with you, creating deeper bonds and more meaningful experiences.
  • Finally set goals and make plans that are in alignment with your passions, priorities, purpose, and relationships - balanced with your obligations and responsibilities to others. No more one-way relationships 2021.
  • When you plan from passions and purpose, you wake up with a clear head, great intentionality, and a new vibrancy and excitement - because you know your purpose and do things that are meaningful to you and in ways that bring you joy.

Take a look inside the course!

There are only nice surprises! The Clarity Toolkit is in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. To keep self-learning and personal development interesting, there's a mix of video, writable PDFs, and audio guides! Personal development doesn't have to be boring... Enjoy!


You get £2,547 of value for just £447

This is your chance to change your life for the better. To consciously create the life you've always wanted, by planning from your unique passions, purpose, and best relationships. No more waiting for others. No more waiting for situations to change or improve. When you purchase The Clarity Toolkit, you get the limited time bonus of 6 x live monthly group coaching calls, to bring your next level of energy and excitement, to life!

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