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Did You Press Reset, Yet? Drop Unwanted Baggage and Setup Your New Year for Personal Success

clarity letting go life plan new year personal development planning Jan 13, 2021

Welcome to a brand new year! Personally, I love any opportunity for a fresh start, and the numerical change from 2020 to 2021 is a trigger for me to press reset.

The point of a reset is let go of any heavy, unwanted baggage, and not bring it into the New Year (also known as your life!).

Pressing reset looks like this:

  1. I think about my desires for life and business, then convert them into individual projects. Then quickly brainstorm the next three actions I need to take for each project in order to make them more real. I don't allow myself to get hung-up or overthink this step. Then I open my calendar and schedule them in!
  2. I consider the year gone and the people and experiences I am grateful for. I then make a list of the people I want to prioritise in my life and business. Hint: you are on this list.
  3. On a fresh page, I reflect on the tough experiences, quickly write them down, and then next to each, write down the lesson I must learn in order to move on from it. Bah-bye, baggage!
  4. (Now this is the fun part) I write a "Drop and Stop" list of experiences, relationships, and self-talk, that I will either drop completely or stop investing as much energy into, because they aren't in alignment with who I truly am or what my desires are (above - see 1). This might seem a bit savage, but I can guarantee that if you're busy, you will enjoy the freedom and lightness that comes from creating some breathing room and prioritising the good things in life... and your priority people will feel the love - and reciprocate. After all, we're here for a good time, not a long time!

I do this process even when my experiences are, on the whole, amazing - because I don't want to repeat the past. Why? I came here to grow, not stunt, so I want to consciously and actively go from yuck to good, good to great, and the next shade of greatness! Progress.

Déjà vu?

Have you noticed that when you really acknowledge and learn your lesson, the difficulty never really repeats itself again? Or it doesn't last anywhere near as long?

And when you don't learn your lesson, you keep experiencing the same difficulty? Sometimes, it's with the same person, and other times, it's the same problem, different first name. "Listen, Matthew! I mean, Mark... Ummm Luke, right? Oh... it's John, isn't it?" And you think, "Déjà vu! Urgh!"

I know that everything happens for a reason, and that all experiences are happening for us, not to us. And, that circumstances don't really make a person, they reveal them for who they actually are! Bye, Felicia.

Your Turn

Let's be real. If you haven't done your own reset yet, I challenge you to try my framework and let me know how you go. Personally, I feel lighter, more focused, and wake up more energised and clear-headed for my day. There aren't any rules for when to press reset, just make sure you do it annually, at the very least... but gee, after the year that was, I'd be letting go of the baggage like a lost item at the airport! STAT!

If you'd prefer to chat it out, speak with a trusted partner or friend, and talk through the framework - you can be Oprah or Larry King, grab a beverage, and conduct a "reset interview". Record what they say for them! Doing this exercise together will help re-align your shared goals and strengthen your relationship, personal or professional. Online or on the couch. With a tea or something stronger.

Each one of us is a self-starter, and your clients, loved ones, communities, and inner spirit, are waiting for you to express your true, magnificent self!

The next time I write to you, it will be about one of my favourite c-words - confidence: how to understand it, generate it, and embody it at will. "Fake it till you make it" was so 2020.

Tanya Lesley


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