#2: How To Gain Clarity and Become More Confident In Yourself

Season #1

Gain self-clarity and finally be able to answer the questions: who am I, who is the best of me, and who do I need to become to level up my career, relationships, and overall energy for my life?!

This episode is all about getting to know yourself, and within 29 minutes, you will gain clarity for yourself and how you want to live and work.

Here's a glance at this episode

[02:46] The point of gaining clarity and what happens to you, your career, and your confidence!
[04:36] What happens when you don't gain self clarity. For example, coasting through life, focusing on what's put in front of you, focusing on the wrong things, you lack vision and intention for yourself, you change your mind a lot, doubt yourself more.
[07:05] The biggest issue Tanya has noticed in people who don't have clarity: distraction.
[08:45] The culture of people numbing themselves when they don't have clarity.
[16:08] Your moments are struggle are simply showing you that there's another level available to you… that you're not done yet! You just need to collect a few more clarity jewels.
[17:02] Let's collect your self-clarity jewels now!
[29:06] Tanya's personal example of self-clarity.

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Tanya is a Certified High Performance Coach who works with leaders and their teams across the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East. Tanya lives in London with her life partner and when she isn't coaching and podcasting, can be found boxing at her local gym or farmers market.

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