#4: Get Clear On Your Goals and 60-Day Action Plan

Season #1

Take those ideas and dreams floating around in your head, and finally decide which of those are goals for the next 12 months. You'll also learn how to strip out distractions, take more control of your calendar, and protect time for bringing your action steps to life over the next 30 and 60 days - starting today!

You came here to experience a depth of life that's unique to you, like your signature. By gaining goal clarity, you'll discover how to bring your true desires forward, de-mystify the process of attaining them, and dispel any doubt that is holding you back.

Even if you know your goals, this is a great opportunity to check-in with yourself, re-align, and re-challenge yourself... Consider new potential!

Here's a glance at this episode

[02:51] There are four steps to get clear on your life goals.
[12:30] Tanya's example for gaining goal clarity.
[16:17] What to do when doubt creeps in about your ability to achieve your goals.
[17:58] Action step examples of how Tanya will align more deeply with her partner (one of her goals for the year).
[20:43] Your high-performance challenge!

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About the host

Tanya is a Certified High Performance Coach who works with leaders and their teams across the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East. Tanya lives in London with her life partner and when she isn't coaching and podcasting, can be found boxing at her local gym or looking for snacks at the farmers market.

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