#5: Gain Habits Clarity and Fast-Track Your Progress

Season #1

Your habits are either supporting you or  sabotaging   you! Gain habits clarity and identify which habits you're doing (and not doing) that create success for you, so that you can focus on what matters and bring your goals to life with more momentum! Habits are what produce outcomes, so we're going to get clear on which habits you need to start, stop, and continue.

This episode is for you if you've got bigger targets or goals that you're aiming for, or you want a complete change in your life (something you've never even had before), because this is your chance to check-in with Tanya, a Certified High Performance Coach, to make sure you're on track.

You'll get the added bonus of getting more time back for yourself.

Here's a glance at this episode

[05:41] What having clarity of self, relationships, and goals sounds like (with Tanya as an example) so that you have context for evaluating habits that are supporting or sabotaging you!
[07:36] What having relationship clarity sounds like.
[15:41] Get habits clarity now!
[20:50] Your high-performance challenge.

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About the host

Tanya is a Certified High Performance Coach who works with leaders and their teams across the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East. Tanya lives in London with her life partner and when she isn't coaching and podcasting, can be found boxing at her local gym or looking for snacks at the farmers market.

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