#14 How To Reduce Overwhelm

Season #2

Overwhelm seems to strike when you need to focus most. In this episode, you will learn the two key causes of overwhelm so that you can help prevent it.

Tanya also shares two tools that you can use to immediately stop overwhelm in its tracks, breaking the spell of overwhelm and bringing you back to balance.

Here's a glance at this episode:

[01:10] Intro to overwhelm and why we need to learn how to reduce it.

[02:49] The first big reason we get overwhelmed and how to prevent it.

[08:54] The second big reason for getting overwhelmed!

[14:56] Two tools for immediately reducing overwhelm.

[21:56] When the world's highest performers use these tools during their day.

[24:40] Your high-performance challenge for reducing overwhelm and getting back to balance, focus, and productive calm!

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Tanya is a Certified High Performance Coach who works with leaders and their teams across the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East.

Tanya lives in London with her life partner and when she isn't coaching and podcasting, can be found boxing at her local gym or looking for snacks at the farmers market. Tanya is a former lawyer and business marketing leader.

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Gregg, Chief Technology Officer

"We had the pleasure of working with Tanya as a Management group and then also on a 1:1 basis. This allowed us collectively focus on our team performance and then also use Tanya's experience and knowledge to help us focus and prioritise on a personal and individual level to also contribute to those team goals. Tanya is fun to work with and very encouraging, very valuable training and insights gained - highly recommended."

Pratik, Managing Partner

"You can read all those books and listen to podcasts to plan and energise your thoughts, but when it comes to implementation and seeing it through, you need to be accountable. Remember - it’s always on you! Tanya makes it simple to build your routine in a way that gets you more productive outcomes. Even Warren Buffet needed a coach. It’s the best investment."

Hassna, Senior Operations Manager

"Tanya had created an experience like no other. She is immensely knowledgeable, bringing variety to every session. It makes a big difference that she has a vested interest in your progress and challenges you in every session, which keeps you motivated. Getting a coach is a life-changing experience that helped me to grow personally and professionally. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

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